SRUK micro-grants

Have you sent us an abstract of your research? No matter whether your abstract has been short-listed for poster/oral presentation or not, you can still apply for one of our MICRO-GRANTS (the budget for micro-grants will depend on available funding).

Applications are CLOSED

**Applicants have been contacted with the outcome via email**

SRUK members submitting abstracts and non-resident in London will be eligible to receive a micro-grant to cover some of the travel expenses to attend the Annual Symposium. We do not cover for accommodation or any other associated expenses.

Please note that this award is only open to SRUK/CERU members who have paid the membership fees before applying. If you wish to become a member please go to our website or click here.

We would like to emphasise that your abstract does not need to have been selected for an oral or poster presentation. Simply by submitting one before the 23rd of June, members can apply for the micro-grant.

Application deadline: 23rd of June

**Applicants have been contacted with the outcome via email**

To apply for one of these micro-grants, you will need to download and fill in this form (Not available as the deadline is passed), where we ask you about your abstract, geographic location and career level. Once filled, please send it to

The selection criteria based on which we will award the micro-grants are as follows:

  1. Abstracts selected for oral presentation will have priority over not short-listed ones.
  2. Career level: students will be given priority.
  3. Involvement in SRUK Working Groups or committees will be an asset.
  4. Distance: attendees coming from afar will be given priority.

The amount covered will be approximately as follows:

  • Members coming from Scotland or Northern Ireland constituencies: up to £75
  • Members coming from The South-West, The North-West, The North -East or The Midlands constituencies: up to £50
  • Members coming from Oxford or Cambridge constituencies: up to £15

Awarded micro-grants have been announced via email

If you are awarded a micro-grant, we will contact you and ask for your bank account details so we can transfer you the money. Payments will be effective after the Symposium providing the member did attend the event.

If you have any further questions concerning the micro-grants or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at