Programme #SRUK2017

Friday 7th July: Opening Ceremony – 5th Anniversary Celebration

Spanish Embassy – 24 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8QA
17:00–17:30 Registration
17:30–18:00 Welcome speeches

  • Mr. Carlos Bastarreche Sagües, H.E. The Ambassador of Spain
  • Ms. Carmen Vela Olmo, Secretary of State of Investigation, Development and Innovation
  • Mr. Raimundo Pérez-Hernández y Torra, Director of Fundación Ramón Areces
  • Dr. María Jiménez, SRUK President

From brain to space: The final frontiers

Chair: Dr. Lorenzo de la Rica, General Chair of the 2017 SRUK Symposium
18:00–18:35 Science in Microgravity” – Mr Pedro Duque, Astronaut, European Space Agency
18:35–19:10 The Societal Value of Fundamental Research: an example from Neuroscience” – Dr. Mara Dierssen, Neuroscientist, Center For Genomic Regulation, Barcelona
19:10–19:15 Short Break

SRUK history and future

Chair: Dr. Estrella Luna, SRUK Vice-President
19:15–19:30 Video Projection: SRUK World Impact
19:30–20:00 Panel Discussion: SRUK Origin, Development and Consolidation

  • Dr. Lorenzo Melchor, SRUK Former President
  • Dr. María Hernández, SRUK Former President
  • Dr. Eduardo Oliver, SRUK Former President
  • Dr. María Jiménez, SRUK President
20:00–21:00 Cocktail Reception

Saturday 8th July

Robin Brook Centre, Queen Mary University London, 19 Giltspur St, London, EC1A 7BE 
09:00–09:30 Registration – Tea and Coffee provided
09:30–09:35 Official Welcome

     SESSION I: Global Challenges and Research

Chairs: Dr Alba Maiques-Díaz and Dr David M. Gutierrez Estevez
09:35-09:40 Introduction to Global Challenges
09:40-10:15 [Sustainable Cities and Communities]

Cities in and against austerity: reflections from an international study

Professor Jonathan S. Davies, De Montfort University, Leicester

10:15-10:50 [Renewable Energy and Materials]:

“Solar photovoltaics for low carbon development: the role of materials science and design
Professor Jenny Nelson, Imperial College London

10:50-11:30 [Sustainable Health and Wellbeing]

Global Health in an Unequal World

Assistant Professor Natasha Howard, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

11:30-12:00 Coffee break / Posters / Networking
12:00-12:35 [Secure and Resilient Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture]

Secure and Resilient Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture: Challenges to attain the Sustainable Development Goal 2
Professor Marta G. Rivera Ferre, The University of Vic

12:35–13:30 Round table :

Can Science & Research Help Solving Current Global Challenges Humanity is Facing?

13:30–15:00 Lunch

     SESSION II: Science, Society and Public Engagement

Chairs: Dr María Barreira and Dr Patricia Bernal
15:00–16:10 Science Outreach in Spain and in the UK:

  • 15:00 – “Science Journalism: an adventure” –  Mr. Pere Estupinyà – Expert in Science Outreach
  • 15:35 – “Public Engagement – what’s wrong and what’s next?” – Dr. Katherine Mathieson – Chief Executive of the British Science Association
  • Science Toy Award
  • Short Presentations from SRUK members – 1st Block
    • “Bacteria use nano-weapons to protect plants” – Dr. Patricia Bernal
    • “The promise of the pig for mankind, revealing emerging pluripotency in the pig early embryo using single cell transcriptomics”- Dr. Priscila Ramos
    • “Mammalian Synthetic Biology” – Dr. Alazne Dominguez
    • “Active matter: rockets at the nanoscale” – Dr. Ibon Santiago
16:45–17:15 Coffee break / Posters / Networking
  • Short Presentations from SRUK members – 2nd Block
    • “It is just basic” – Maria Pin No
    • “Generating virus-like particles for potential bionanotechnological applications”- Mr. Roger Castells Graells
    • “Forecasting species persistence under climate change conditions” – Dr. Maria Cuenca Cambronero
    • “Tracking the origin of DNA transcriptional bubbles with OKE spectroscopy” – Dr. Mario Gonzalez Jimenez
17:35–18:45 Round Table: Why and How do we Build a Scientific Culture?

18:45-19:00 Monologue: “Brain and epigenetics” – Big Van, Scientist on Wheels.
19:30-22:30 Symposium Dinner: Tapas Cocktail Reception

Sunday 9th July

Robin Brook Centre, Queen Mary University London, 19 Giltspur St, London, EC1A 7BE
08:30–09:00 Tea and Coffee / Posters / Networking
09:00–11:15 Annual General Meeting (SRUK members only)
11:15–11:30 Coffee break / Posters / Networking

SESSION III: Science, Diversity and Mobility

Chair: Dr David Ruano Gallego
11:45–12:30 [Women in Science]

“Investigación y Educación Superior: Problemas y Retos Desde la Perspectiva de Género”*

Prof. Eulalia Pérez Sedeño CSIC, Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences. Madrid

* (This talk will be in Spanish)

12:30–13:15 [Brexit]

“UK Science in a Brexit context”

Dr. Claire McNulty, The British Council

13:15–14:00 Lunch
14:00–16:00 Professional Development Workshops

16:00–16:30 Closing Ceremony:

  • SRUK/CERU Travel Grant Award session
  • Awards for the best poster and talk.
  • Closing remarks