Organising Committee

These are the members of the Organising Committee for the 5th International Symposium SRUK/CERU


de la Rica 600x400Dr. Lorenzo de la Rica Lazaro (Chair) In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Scheme Manager, The Royal Society, London, UK


FidelFidel Alfaro Almagro In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
DPhil Student in Neuroscience, FMRIB – Oxford University, UK


AnaDr. Ana Rio-Machin In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Postdoctoral Researcher, Barts Cancer Institute, QMUL, UK


elena (1)Elena Moreno Martínez In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
PhD student in Fungal Microbiology, University of Nottingham, UK


Ruano-gallego,_David_(3)Dr. David Ruano Gallego In-2CRev-128px-TM.png
Research Associate, Imperial College London, UK


Photo - DavidDr. David M. Gutiérrez Estévez  In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Senior Researcher, Samsung Electronics R&D Institute UK


photoSandra Perez Garrido In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
PhD student in Nanotechnology, Queen Mary University of London, UK 


D Alonso-AlvarezDr. Diego Alonso Alvarez In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Research Associate, Imperial College London, UK


Jose IMG_8578Dr. Jose Antonio Gomez Sanchez In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Research Associate, University College London, UK            


Alba MaiquesDr. Alba Maiques Diaz In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Research Associate, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, UK


Maria_BarreiraDr. Maria Barreira Gonzalez In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Research Scientist, Touchlight Genetics Ltd, London, UK


Bernal,_Patricia_(2) - CopyDr. Patricia Bernal In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Marie Curie Fellow, Imperial College London, UK