Abstract submission


Abstract submission is open to any researcher, either for poster or oral presentations.

Deadline: 29th May 2017 (oral presentation) / 23th June 2017* (poster)

[*Posters sent after the original deadline (29th May 2017) may not have space to be displayed, but will be eligible for MicroGrants].


Submitted abstracts/talks will be classified in one of these five categories:

  • Biomedicine and biology
  • Exact Sciences, Physics and Chemistry
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Computer Science and Engineering

For this symposium, there will be two categories of submission:

1. Poster

You will need to submit an abstract in English, not exceeding 250 words. Select one of the five categories listed above.

We will allow presenters to use posters (A0 or smaller) that have been previously printed and presented in other meetings or conferences. If you need to print your poster, you can find several services nearby the venue: Service Point, The Student Print Club, London Digital Printing

You can bring a poster (A0 or smaller) to showcase an outreach activity you are involved in. However, they will not be eligible to apply for microgrants. Please, contact us at symposium@sruk.org.uk if you would like to bring this type of poster.

2. Science outreach oral presentation

You will need to submit an abstract in English, not exceeding 250 words on one of the five categories listed above, together with a short video (3 min) of you explaining the research of your choice to a lay audience. The video can be about your own research, or more generally, about your research field. Find an example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvjPzsLIyGw

The content of the video does not necessarily have to be about the work the speaker will present at the symposium but it should show the ability to speak in public, and be able to explain a complex scientific concept to a non-expert audience.

The short videos must be submitted via a shared public Dropbox or Google Drive link included in the abstract (tip: use a URL shortener like Bitly or Goo)

The Scientific Committee together with an Outreach Committee will select the best videos for oral presentation at the conference. Selected oral presentations will be 5 minutes long, given in lay language and intended for a general public, and not a research talk. PowerPoint use is optional.

In case more technical details need to be provided, you can also present a poster that will be on display in the coffee break area.

If your video is not selected for oral presentation your abstract will still be considered for presentation as a poster.

We highly encourage those who want to expand their science outreach network to submit a video, as high-profile speakers will attend the symposium, and will listen to your talk in case it is selected.

NOTE: Please register to the conference here before sending the abstract. Abstract submission does not constitute symposium registration and it is not mandatory to submit a scientific abstract to be able to attend it. The committee will only consider abstracts submitted from registered applicants to the Symposium.

If you have any problem or doubts regarding abstract submission, please contact sruk2017@easychair.org.

Microgrants will be available

SRUK members submitting abstracts and non-resident in London will be eligible to receive a micro-grant to cover some of the travel expenses (depending on available funding).

Please visit the Microgrants section of the web.