SRUK/CERU is an independent and non-profit organisation without any political affiliation. SRUK/CERU was created to promote communication within the community of Spanish Researchers working in the United Kingdom. This association also aims to help closing the gap between Scientists and the general public from British and Spanish societies. Moreover, SRUK/CERU seeks to develop collaborations between this community and Research and Development-related institutions and businesses in Spain and the UK. The Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs from the Spanish Embassy in London, the Ramón Areces Foundation and the Spanish Foundation for the Science and Technology (FECYT) have supported the society since its establishment and they help finance the celebration of “3rd International Symposium SRUK/CERU-Ramón Areces Foundation“.

The programme will include lectures from a number of invited key speakers, and short-awarded presentations, selected from our members and social events. The Symposium will also provide ample opportunities for informal interactions (lunch, coffee breaks and dinner)

We hope this event will be a reference for the future and serve as a platform for new research lines and collaborative projects to be developed, as well as providing a forum for scientific debate at the highest level.