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V International Symposium SRUK/CERU

London, 7th – 9th July 2017

Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom

Welcome to the 5th edition of the International Symposium SRUK/CERU webpage.


One more year our Symposium is taking place. This year is a very special one, as it marks the fifth anniversary of the creation of the Society. On these three days-long event we want not only to present SRUK´s aims, recent achievements and future initiatives, but also to provide a forum for our members to meet and share their work and experiences within their scientific careers in the UK.

The symposium will kick off with an opening ceremony on Friday afternoon, where we will celebrate our 5th Anniversary. We will host two keynote speakers that will talk about two different concepts, both immense and yet to be fully explored and understood. An astronaut will speak about the space, and a neuroscientist will speak about the human brain. Their talks will be followed by a colloquium where SRUK’s origins will be discussed.

We would like to use this forum to praise the role of science on the welfare of society. In the first session, during Saturday morning, we will discuss how science can help solving the problems humanity is currently facing. Now that scientific facts are being denied it is even more important to emphasize the role research has in shaping a better world. We will focus the discussion on four topics: (1) Renewable energy and materials, (2) Sustainable health and well-being, (3) Sustainable Cities and Communities and (4) Secure and resilient food systems and sustainable agriculture.

In order for science to succeed and have an impact we need to make sure that the rest of the society understands what we are actually doing. That is why we think science outreach should be the tool that effectively showcases the results of research, development and innovation that we are all funding (via our taxes, donations to charities, investments, etc.). Thus, the second session on Saturday afternoon will focus precisely on that: How and why do we build a scientific culture? With a panel of experts some selected members will also have the opportunity to deliver their public outreach talks in front of the audience.

There are other really important topics that we believe will be of great interest to our members, such as “Diversity and inclusion in science”: we will host a talk by an expert on gender imbalance in Science on Sunday morning. And of course, with the current political landscape after the result of the EU referendum, the importance of science in the UK and elsewhere remains capital. An expert on the British science system will talk to us about the potential challenges and opportunities that researchers, research institutions and the British scientific system may face after Brexit, also on Sunday morning.

To finish, during Sunday afternoon, career development workshops covering entrepreneurship, creative thinking and science outreach will be run in parallel . We are confident you will find them useful and fruitful.

Follow us on our social media, and feel free to join the online discussion. Please, use the hashtag #SRUK2017 when tweeting about the symposium.

We hope you will join us for a lively exchange of ideas

The SRUK V International Symposium Organising Committee

Contact us at: symposium@sruk.org.uk

Registration closed

This year, a small fee will be charged that will help covering a fraction of the symposium costs. There has been a high number of registered people that did not attend the symposium in previous years, causing food and money wasting as well as preventing potential members from attending (those that were not able to register) as the event was fully booked.

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